Trekking in Dhaulagiri Region
The most challenging off beaten track of Nepal is Dhaulagiri region. Most of the trekking trials of Dhaulagiri region are away from village settlements and there are no tea shops on the way. The classical camping method of trekking is the only alternative trekking basis on Dhaulagiri region as there are no tea house based lodges on the way. The prime attraction factors of Dhaulagiri region are Dhaulagiri Mountain, French Pass (5360m) and Thapa Pass (5250m). Mount Dhaulagiri, with an elevation of 8167 meters is the 7th highest mountain of the world. Dhaulagiri region trek has got the most difficult trekking trials and special preparations are needed prior to initiate the trek. Dhaulagiri region trek is recommended to those who want to trek on the most difficult trekking trails of the earth. It is the perfect choice for those people who love to do classical camping method of trek and those who want to trek on the virgin trials of Nepal.