Yoga/Meditation Tour In Nepal
Yoga and Meditation although they are two different entity they share a common goal of physical, mental and spiritual harmony. It is believed that through meditation and yoga one can achieve the true unification of body and soul. Yoga is all about performing different postures, also known as “Asana”. Simple principles of meditation are good rest, good diet, proper breathing and positive attitude. The present Dalai Lama states “Good sleep is the best meditation”. Yoga and meditation are very good alternative to present world of allopathic cure.

Nepal, the land of mystical Himalayas is a perfect place for performing Yoga and meditation. Plan Nepal offers different meditation packages to different places in Kathmandu. Plan Nepal can arrange meditation in different camps according to your need and time. Some of the famous destinations for meditation in Nepal are

  • Vipasana Meditation Camp
  • Buddhist meditation in Kopan Monastery
  • Buddhist meditation in Namo Buddha Monastery
  • Osho Tapoban meditation camp

The yoga classes can run parallel to some small treks or adventures in Nepal. The Yoga classes are run by expert yoga teacher. The yoga tour package given below is just an example in which you can add number of days and choose to do different treks combined with yoga class.