Trekking Around Kathmandu Valley
With years of experience, Plan Nepal Tours and Travel expertise trekking all over Nepal. Plan Nepal broadly classifies trekking of Nepal into two categories; Trekking in low altitudes (Trekking within 2000 meters altitude) and Trekking in high altitudes (Trekking above 2000 meters altitude)

Trekking in low altitudes:

Plan Nepal Tours and Travel terms low altitude trekking as the trekking which is done up to the altitude of 2000 meters. This type of trekking has been ideally designed for the guests who have relatively very short amount of time. This trekking is suitable for the beginners who want to have the experience of trekking in Nepal within short time. It can be done even by minors and old age guests.

This trekking explores the landscapes outside the Kathmandu valley with an opportunity to insight the cultural diversity. It opens the door for exploring the lifestyle of Nepalese people along with their thousand years old art, cultures and traditions. The temples, monasteries and ruins which stand throughout many generations will offer splendid experience.

Plan Nepal organizes the low altitude trekking from 2-5 days depending upon the requirement and time availability of the guests. Additionally, we allow our guests to plan their own travel choosing their destinations and required number of days. The most poular trekking around Kathmandu Valley is Nagarkot/ Dhulikhel Trek.