Buddhist Pilgrimage Family Tour
Not only know to the world as the Land of Everest and land of brave “Gurkhas”, Nepal is renowned as birth land of Lord Buddha. This very place is the epicenter of flourishing Buddhism to the whole world. After Hinduism, Buddhism is the second main religion of Nepal. The religion is reflected by astonishing stupas, pagodas and monasteries distributed throughout Nepal.

Boudhanath lies peacefully in the middle of a busy city Kathmandu watching the city with its mesmerizing eyes. Boudhanath is the biggest stupa in the whole South East Asia. Another enormous stupa, Swayambhunath situated at the top of a hill lies to the North West corner of Kathmandu city. From Swayambhunath, you can have the view of whole Kathmandu valley and its dazzling settlement. The ruins of ancient palace of the then “Sakya Empire” is fascinating. In this royal family, Prince Siddhartha was born who later left the palace and started meditation. After he was enlightened with knowledge, he was known as Lord Buddha.

Buddhist Pilgrimage tour was tailored to explore the holy Buddhist wonders. This trip is equally comforting for both children and old aged people. You can free yourself from stress, pain, and suffering and get lost in mesmerizing peace at these pilgrimage wonders.