One Day Private Hike In Kathmandu Valley
Plan Nepal Travel and Tours features one day private hike around Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley is a landlocked valley surrounded by hills in all directions. Nepal is divided into three regions, Mountain, Hilly and Terai region.

Among these three regions Kathmandu lies in the Hilly region of Nepal. Exploring the hilly landscapes, peeking into the culture, lifestyle and traditions of Kathmandu valley is time saving and worth for hiking. One day private hike in Kathmandu valley is a perfect combination of discovering the panoramic views of mountain ranges and exploring culture and lifestyle of Nepalese people.

Moreover, the view of Kathmandu valley from all directions can be captured from the high hills of North, South and West direction. The total duration of one day private hiking in Kathmandu valley is normally 6-7 hours and offers a lifetime experience of hiking in the hilly areas. One day private hike can be recommended for families as well as individual group who have either very short time to spend in Kathmandu or who have some leisure time to kill.

One day private hiking also provides equal opportunity to unfold the ancient myths and mysteries related to thousand years back cultural treasures of Nepal.