Nepal Cultural Tour - Exploring Antique Cultures of Nepal
In addition to amazing Himalayan landscapes, Nepal is rich in cultural aspects that belonged to 11th century and it has remained unchanged since the beginning of the settlement. Nepal is a land of Caste and culture, festivals and colors, mystery and magic, temples and traditions, stupas and superstition. Seven of the UNESCO listed World cultural heritages are located in Nepal.

Mainly two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism are followed in Nepal in equal harmony and maintain religious tolerance throughout the country. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal and Buddhism was spread all over the world from this very land. Temples, stupas, chaitays, monasteries and pilgrimage places are protected and prayed throughout many generations.

Nepal is a paradise to those travelers who have utmost love and enthusiasm for exploring culture. Some cultural treasures are the most extra ordinary monuments in whole Asia for instance; Boudhanath is the biggest stupa in Asia. Cremation ceremony is held in Pashupatinath temple in contradiction to Western society where the dead bodies are buried. Nepal cultural tour package is the perfect package for exploring and unlocking the mysteries behind the legendary cultural treasures of Nepal.