Sindhuli District a part of Janakpur Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Sindhulimadhi Kamalamai as its district headquarters and covers an area of 2,491 km². In 2001 it had a population of 279,821, in 2011 the population was 296,192.


About the name of Sindhuli there exist different stories. some of the significant are:

i) Before being annexed as the integral part of Nepal, it was under the governance of Makwanni king. During 1530 Raghab Narandra Sen was the King of Makwanpur and was renowned as the Sindhul. He had outseted the settlement over this region. Since then it got the name Sindhuli.

ii) At the ancient time a great saint used to do live in the hill( 1077 m from the see level) of nowadays Sindhuli madi. He was popular in the name and fame in this reason and his name was Siddha Baba( etymologically The enlighten one in Nepali language). This placed got its digitization under his name and began to be called Siddhsthali सिद्धस्थाली ( place where enlighten lives). With time it got deviated and began to be pronounced as Sindhuli.

iii) A indigenous group Tamang were predominant in this region and theirs living was based on agriculture and forest . The place had abundant and intense forest. Tamangs sound out Singthuwa (सिङ्थुवा) for cutting down tree and Sinthuji (सिङ्थुजी) for collecting timbers. In course of time it got it name from that, i.e. Sindhuli.