Exotic Bird Watching Tour In Nepal
Bird watching tour package in Nepal is most celebrated tour in Nepal as Nepal hosts 862 species of birds out of 9040 birds found in the world. Some species of birds for instance, Spiny Babbler is only found in Nepal. Bio diverse vegetation, versatile land topography (Highest elevations to Lowland) makes the perfect habitat for various species of birds. Nepal is a paradise for ornithologists and Naturalists where all kinds of habitats for birds- wetlands, Lakes, sub tropical, tropical, coniferous and alpine/ Himalayan habitats are present.

Plan Nepal Adventure has been promoting bird watching and wildlife tour in Nepal with much intense curiosity. We have been hiring professional bird experts for operating bird watching tour. There are many spots for bird watching and wildlife spotting areas in Nepal. There are about 14 National Park and wildlife Conservation area and not every one of them are easily accessible to tourist due to various factors. Some of the popular areas for bird watching are Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Shivapuri National Park, Phulchowki Hill, Nagarjun Hill, Bardia National Park and Chitwan National Park. The birds sighted in these National Parks and Wildlife reserves are Bengal Florican, Lesser Florican, Silver eared Mesia, Sarus crane, Spinny babbler, Sparrow, Parrot, King fisher, Waterfowl, Brahminy ducks, Pintails, bar headed geese, Cormorants, migratory birds from Serbia, Swamp Florican, grass Owl, Warblers, fly catchers, etc.